Numerical referencesMoellhausen code No.: 202201; CAS: 8015-73-4; FEMA: 2119; EINECS: 283-900-8; INCI: OCIMUM BASILICUM OIL; Rif. Coe: 308;
Legal statusNatural
Botanical nameOcinum basilicum L. (fam.Labiatae )
Product descriptionessential oil obtained by steam distillation of fresh flowering tops of the entire herbs of di Ocinum basilicum L.
Industrial destinationfragrance industry; flavour industry; pharmaceutic and parapharmaceutic industry; food industry; herbalist´s industry; cosmetic industry;
Organoleptic noteolfactory note: fresh, herbaceous-aromatic; ; taste: spicy, fresh, herbaceous;
Main ingredients / compositionConstituent: linalolo;