The leading industrial unit

A few kilometres from Milano, at Cambiago, is our leading industrial unit, home to the know-how, laboratories, and technologies used to create products with the greatest added value. This is also where we run the services and the key resources that all of the external productive processes of our networked manufacturing system depend on, working with more than 200 partner manufacturer in 40 countries. 

Our qualified technicians work in Cambiago, employed in laboratories dedicated to R&D and QC. This is also the location of our regulatory office, which plays the important role of verifying compliance with sector regulations.
At Cambiago, we maintain our physical archive of over 7,000 reference samples, as well as a stock of more than 1,600 basic materials.
Definitely, our Cambiago facilities are the driving force behind creating product and production system value. A value that is enhanced by advanced technology and the continuous evolution of know-how.

Exceptional production capability

An automatic compounder Roxane-k operates at Cambiago to prepare compounds on reduced scale (reference samples and compound trials). A second auto... continue

Key analytical systems

The Cambiago (Milano, Italy) factory is set up with instrumentation and lab technologies to manage the most advanced analytical methods, including gas-chromatography, spectrophotometry, mass spectrometry and more. The vast instrument pool, updated according to specific technological evolution, i... continue