Ten imperative principles

Today as never before, the development of markets, technology, economics and finance, politics and civil society are inseparable aspects of global progress - an opportunity for businesses, but also an imperative commitment. In order to promote this progress, which we perceive to not only be fair, but also a strategic and common goal, we ask our stakeholders to adhere to the ten principles of the UN Global Compact (endorsement letter)

No-gift policy

To avoid conflicts of interest, whether real or apparent, and the need to assess critical ethical aspects on a case by case basis, we ask for everyone’s collaboration in applying a simple “no-gift policy” that clearly and safely separates work from any potentially damaging manifestation of friendship, gratitude or intent. Gift Policy – Due Diligence

Impartial contract rules

In the best interests of developing trade in a climate of fair competition, we support the assertion of clear rules that are impartial and equal for all. Unless otherwise agreed to for exceptional requirements (i.e. objectives or constraints that are non-negotiable and that can’t be smoothed out), our contracts are regulated by the United Nations Convention on Contracts for the International Sale of Goods.