Quality: guaranteed promises

Our quality system focuses on the dynamic interaction of exceptional partners in production as well as marketing and finance. It is the driving force behind Moellhausen’s excellence and the excellence of all of our partners, regulating the integration of each internal function with a dynamic whole of individuals with diverse – but synergic – skills and goals.

Our customers can count on our success factors including:

  • marketing intelligence and creativity in interpreting consumption trends and introducing special products on new and niche markets
  • efficient R&D with updated analysis instruments, stringent quality control, applicative technical support and application tests
  • modern and effective production system and supply project development.  
  • fully optimised supply plans to overcome the market instability.

A winning industrial model

We have developed a system for providing exceptional products and services, which is founded on the sophisticated management of industrial, commer... continue

Computer assisted quality

Computer technology has had a strong impact on global Moellhausen quality: it allows us to coordinate all business departments and key processes (both production and management), providing rational activity control and progress. It thus allows us to manage articulated partnerships, a dynamic pro... continue