On December 13, Eithel Moellhausen, a German and former diplomat with a profound sense of international culture, decided to start his own business in Varese by applying his knowledge of the business world.


After the first years of activity, the company evolved from a commercial enterprise to an advanced company able to create value through organization, production, quality control, and higher-quality services.
Luca Moellhausen, son of Eithel, reached the top of the company just as the profound transformation of the communications and computing world was beginning.
A pioneer like his predecessor, he moved the company toward the highest technological and IT innovations.


Ongoing investment supported the business’s transformation, fueled by the growing success of the values and services offered.
The change from the original denomination of Moellhausen Trading to the current Moellhausen S.p.A. and a relocation of the headquarters to Milan were telling signs of this transformation.


Inauguration of the current “leading industrial plant” in Cambiago (MI) and the head office in Vimercate (MB) are examples of an advanced industry, in which a vast permanent stock of raw materials is available alongside innovative technological systems.


The adventure of Luca Moellhausen ends, leaving the future of the company in the hands of his brother Anthony, who was already CEO.
Today, Anthony Moellhausen is the President of the company and directs it with the same values of responsibility, transparency, and innovation that his predecessors championed.


Moellhausen celebrates its first 50 years in the name of growth and innovation.









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