Il Carnevale di Venezia
Venice Carnival

Within a cove in the sea, Venice is the city on the water painted in gold. The land of love and inspiration, of art and treasures, of commerce and expert merchants. The land where arabesque and jacquard meet rococò style, where the art of colored glass meet the art of perfumes. The land where to celebrate life, where the rivers reflect its charm and keep all its secrets.  

In Venice —and Italian— culture, Carnival is one of the most important event of the year. It represents a celebration moment, where people can express themselves, even with a little excess, before starting a stricter period of austerity. 

During Venice Carnival, people wear masks and costumes, they can dream to be whoever they want and act accordingly.  It is possible to change appearance and completely hide one’s identity, ignoring all forms of belonging to social classes, cultures and time. It is a way to temporarily escape from reality and become —mysteriously or not— someone else. In fact, the greeting that resounds constantly while crossing a "character" is simply Good morning, Mask”. 

According to the tradition, Carnival masks are wearable costumes and characters of the theatre pièce La Commedia dell’Arte.

Inspired by the enchanting atmosphere of Venice Carnival, Moellhausen has created fragrances that evoke the most important masks, to live the Great Illusion of Carnival in a unique place in the world, where everything can happen.

Six masks to be discovered, to experience their attitudes, personalities and traditions through the sincere sense of smell:

  • BAUTA, the most famous mask that allows the wearer the total incognito, represented by an oriental, spicy and boisé fragrance
  • COLOMBINA, the cheerful, cunning and pretty servant distinguished by floral and citrus notes 
  • GNAGA, the fun mask in the shape of a cat symbolized by animalic, floral and woody notes 
  • MATTACCINO, the Carnival clown with a bells hat, represented by a leathery and woody fragrance
  • PANTALONE, the expert merchant and esteemed businessman: an oriental, round and tasty fragrance
  • MORETTA, the seducing and mysterious female mask, wearing intriguing woody and ambery notes

Which mask would you dream to wear?

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