Outstanding Flavors and Fragrance Materials
Combining Tradition and Innovation

World producers of flavors and fragrances know that we offer a wide range of essential oils, extracts, absolutes, concretes, resinoids and oleoresins, natural and synthetic chemicals, and fixing agents, stabilizers, solvents, and other complementary ingredients.
In addition, we also offer alternatives to conventional ingredients that can be more efficient, more compatible with corporate sustainability, and simpler to use.
Our natural raw materials come from every corner of the world, according to their geographical specificity.
In this way, we also contribute to protecting the diversity of the plant world and support weak local economies while ensuring maximum competitiveness and supply continuity to flavor and fragrance producers.
The origins of non-natural raw materials that we select are also diverse and global, chosen according to the highest safety standards and sustainability criteria.
With a strong inclination toward innovation, we explore the use of new ingredients on a daily basis and develop innovative formulas to attain different objectives for both technical application and economic efficiency. For this reason, professionals and the most advanced companies in the world prefer many of our specialties, selected over traditional flavor and fragrance ingredients.










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