Creativity and technology
for fragrances
in trends and fashion

The creativity of Moellhausen in producing innovative formulas and original fragrances rests on strong chemical expertise and decades of international experience in the production of specialty chemicals for the industry.
Add the awareness of living in an extraordinary historical moment, in which creativity is a critical element of value.
Fragrances that are imagined, formulated, and produced for any finished product, from fine perfumery (alcoholic and non-alcoholic) to other specific chemical matrices (cosmetics, soaps and detergents, household and many other products with olfactory value).
We have the creative and marketing skills to formulate innovative fragrances that spark new trends.
We create new ways of understanding the fragrance and new ways to experience it.
Our creative contribution aligns with the customer’s marketing vision, which can also benefit from our marketing intelligence by defining the key features of the new product with the smallest margin of uncertainty and the greatest likelihood of success.









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