Simpler and more effective
Improving creative, manufacturing and management processes

We never stop investing in the simplification of processes, focusing on overcoming the critical issue of specific basic raw materials: availability and cost, chemical stability, safety and health, limited options and variability of conventional organoleptic types.
Starting from the basic raw materials, our research team develops compound specialties that represent innovative and unconventional materials for the design of novel products, and new organoleptic references for modern perfumers and flavorists.
Is simplicity the trademark to success? The advanced ingredients developed by Moellhausen represent sure opportunities for rapid success.



If creativity is the ability to bring elements in our surroundings together in useful combinations and have them recognized as “beautiful”, the BoldBases from Moellhausen have it all: creative expression for creative perfume makers.

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The deeper essence of humanity is fueled through the constant dialogue between tradition and innovation.
Treasuring these principles has pushed Moellhausen to create BakhoorWood, a line of specific ingredients for the formulation of bakhoor.

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"A new additive makes the impossible possible, turning "phisically incompatible" ingredients into the components of a single, stable, and homogeneous liquid.

Easy to use, MYSOL™ 381 is the key to solubilizing fragrance oils, lipophilic vitamins and other apolar substances in highly polar solvents, such as water and ethyl alcohol."










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