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50 years of growing together

In 2017, Moellhausen celebrates its 50th birthday.
Over time, Moellhausen has grown from a simple business enterprise to a technologically advanced company that specializes in the global production and supply of natural raw materials, fine chemicals, and high value-added compound specialties.
Today, Moellhausen is a leading company in the field of fragrances and flavors.
Our development never ceases and naturally blends with Italian excellence, along a path that involves working successfully all over the world and meeting the challenges of the new millennium.
Moellhausen's total growth, visible in all areas, continues because it has deep roots in the past and in values that have the advantage of always being current: reliability, specialization, internationalization with particular attention to the needs of local markets, research and development of products and systems that are ever more technologically advanced, flexibility, sustainable progress, teamwork and constant attention to human resources.
Moellhausen’s strength is certainily measured by its economic and financial growth and its ability to capture and sometimes anticipate market needs. Otherwise, our company strength clearly arises from the recognition and trust of all those around the world who choose us every day.
Thanks to those individuals, and to the belief that success is only possible by cultivating an ideal of beauty and balance, we face the future with confidence.
For these reasons, we work intensely and at all levels to be the best and to provide the most interesting products that the international market can approve.










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