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We offer a comprehensive range of essential oils, extracts, absolutes, concretes, resinoids and oleoresins, natural and synthetic chemicals, as well as fixatives, stabilizers, solvents, and other basic ingredients.
To complement these materials, we offer alternative ingredients that are specially developed by our R&D team to be more efficient in the intended application, more compatible with corporate sustainability, and simpler to use.
We assure flavor and fragrance manufacturers the maximum competitiveness and the constant supply of essential and outstanding raw materials.

Over 2700 raw materials are always available.
Browse our catalogue now!

Over 2700 raw materials are always available. Browse our catalog now!

Flavor and Fragrance Materials


Organoleptic requirements

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The keys to sustaining our leadership and that of our customers:
Quality and absolute commitment to excellence.


Every day,
we build quality
on solid foundations

In our laboratories, we “capture” and identify every volatile compound, we recognize the work of nature, we compare thousands of products with a "special nose", and no complementary liquid ingredient eludes our analysis. Our excellence is based on sound chemical know-how and the most advanced analytical technology.  

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