Amazing nature

Nature never ceases to surprise and fascinate those who understand its beauty, delicate complexity, and extraordinary creative power.
As nature lovers, we have been involved in the study of the many facets of scents and flavors for many years. We work daily to bring the world closer to the beauty and principles of Nature. We provide perfumers and flavorists with the widest range of plant derivatives possible, while remaining compatible with the health and preservation of our planet's resources.


Raw materials: Protection of the environment and local communities

Our natural raw materials come from every corner of the Globe, according to their geographic specificity.

In offering basic raw materials and compound specialties to the international market, we are committed to raising consumer awareness and promoting the unique characteristics of each ingredient.
In so doing, we contribute to protecting the diversity of the plant world and supporting weak local economies, while simultaneously ensuring maximum competitiveness and supply continuity to flavor and fragrance manufacturers.

Likewise, the non-natural raw materials we offer are also selected from diverse, global sources, according to the highest safety standards and sustainability criteria.









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