Creativity and innovation: A winning combination

For us, combining creativity and innovation means having a dual focus and dual specializations.
Moellhausen develops two essential types of product:
- specialty ingredients for the flavors and fragrances industry, which includes innovative and unconventional materials;
- fragrances, or  compound specialties for fine perfumery and other products with high olfactory impact. 
Two development teams, with expertise in different areas, work together by leveraging a high level of professionalism and state-of-the-art analytical systems in our quality control laboratories. As a result of this successful interaction, we develop over 100 specialties every month.
In addition, the fragrances development team exclusively uses specific instrumentation for testing applications; that is, to support each fragrance on the chemical matrice of the intended end products, and tasting the latter according to the program defined in the design.









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