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Internet and this website are tools Moellhausen uses to disclose essential information on the business organisation, capacity, products and services offered to a broader public. Moellhausen believes site translation into the most popular languages in the world is useful for the simple consultation of this information. In this sense, the company translates site content according to that described below.

Original language and site contents

Website text and technical documents were drafted in Italian and English by the direct content managers and, for practicality reasons, were later translated by others (also using automatic and semi-automatic systems) into the various languages used on the website. Due to this procedure, only Italian and English contents (original languages) can be considered as references to Moellhausen’s actual business. In fact, although the translations were assigned to qualified personnel and/or advanced automatic systems, they may contain errors and/or inaccuracies, imperfections which are tolerable considering the more significant goal of making preliminary information on the company and its products easily available to a wide range of people. In any case, any Moellhausen sales transactions are always conducted by issuing a quotation/offer accompanied by a “material technical data sheet” (i.e.: specifications) for the offered product(s). Moellhausen S.p.A. is not liable for any consequences due to the irresponsible, improper or illegal direct or indirect use of the information and products in this website or for any damages caused by said use.

English website and coexistence of English with other languages

The English website version may be published in site versions in other languages and, therefore, the coexistence of English with another language on the same web page is acceptable. This may occur for the following reasons:

a) Content is published before being translated

Due to the need to promptly update the website, avoiding content inconsistencies in the various languages, urgent measures are taken, publishing changes in English in all website versions (website versions in languages other than English). Only later will English be translated into other languages.

b) Content cannot be translated

For practical, technical and legal reasons, not all contents published on moellhausen.com can be translated from English into other languages. Thus, for example, universally used technical terms (i.e.: aroma chemical), frequently updated documents and technical documents for sales negotiations are not translated.


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