Strategic and daily challenges in every area

We reach for and exceed the levels of known excellence: We address the daily challenge of moving forward the "state of the art" and breaking the "status quo". This challenge is the result of our quest for the highest level of innovation, and our bold expression of "free thought”, which are strongly supported at Moellhausen and woven into our corporate DNA.


"My personal history is inextricably linked to that of the Company,
to which I continue to dedicate all my energy,
alongside our partners and collaborators,
who have supported us thus far
with dedication, passion, love, and experience".

Anthony Moellhausen - President and CEO



The path to a unique product

We have a special way of dealing with the development of each new product: this is Moellhausen’s strength, and it distinguishes us as the "supplier of excellence" to the companies we serve.
The development of a new product is a unique project for us, with quality, resources, and time frames set in collaboration with the customer.
Each project plan meets the most modern and most appropriate project management criteria.
Thus, with the aim of achieving the best results thrugh effective project partnerschips, we enhance all of our resources and those of customers, trying to connect partial or strategic objectives with the project mission.


R&D: Every month, excellence exceeds 100

We develop over 100 products every month, including new fragrances and unconventional ingredients for flavors and fragrances. This is tangible evidence of our continued investment and further proof of our professionalism and internal skills in expressing and anticipating every need.
Specialized technicians, chemists, and perfumers work side by side, supported by cutting edge technology.
R&D requires excellent skills and tools; with this in mind, the Company strongly invests into acquiring key human resources, cutting-edge analytical systems and testing tecnhnology.
In addition to our own equipment, Moellhausen has access to the most advanced solutions in the scientific world, through research agreements with selected institutions.
Organoleptic tests with specific objectives are assigned to expert perfumer groups that are directly involved in fragrance development on a daily basis.
The Research & Development laboratories also identify any critical issues with a product or process, and they take an active part in the optimization process. Optimization is part of a broader quality management framework aimed to offer each customer the best possible product at the most advantageous cost.



Understand and forecast global demand to achieve an excellent response

Our sales engineers work globally in close cooperation with Marketing and Quality Control to identify product offerings that should be developed.
The Marketing Intelligence unit consolidates information with in-depth analyses of the market and its dynamics. Thus, this unit promptly and creatively interprets consumer trends and introduces special products into new markets, often in fruitful partnerships with customers.
The support we provide to our customers also includes our valuable collaboration in identifying real, achievable goals and exploring new potential opportunities within short periods of time.

The winning engine

Our industrial site in Cambiago, Italy, is the heart of value creation for our products and the entire production system: value powered through advanced technology and continuously forward-evolving expertise.
In Italy, we maintain our physical archive of over 14,000 sample references, and we stock over 2,700 raw materials that arrive from all over the world and depart to every corner of the earth.
Quick and accurate: A cutting edge compounding system, with three fully atutomated lines, supports the preparation of mixtures.
Modern and efficient production and supply development methods are driven from Italy, while powered by a global network of logistic warehouses and external resource suppliers.
The Quality Control unit is essential for ensuring the highest performance of this distributed production network. Lean and effective quality procedures support our excellence as well as the excellence of all those entities and people which we interact with.


Strategic functions for a leading role

Cross-sector skills provide better strategy planning and support the creation of successful business plans. The Finance, Administration, and Control Department combines cash management with predictive capabilities, risk management with legal and tax compliance, and knowledge of specific company business with the logic of credit access.
For the benefit of our customers, our goal is to manage chenges flexibly, wheather they are connected to interest and exchange rates or to banking strategies and thus to creditworthiness evaluation parameters.
Within the national and international contexts in which Moellhausen operates, in fact, being adaptable and capable of anticipating future scenarios is crucial for reducing the cost of capital debt and the risk associated with it.










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