At the gates of Milan and the heart of the world

The heart of Moellhausen is located in the Milan metropolitan area, Italy. The head office is in Vimercate, and a few kilometers away, in Cambiago, lies the leading industrial unit of the Company, the home base of the services and key manufacturing resources for all external complementary processes.
The industrial unit in Cambiago is the center of a complex networked manufacturing system that involves over 200 partner manufacturers in 40 countries around the world.
Shining example of advanced technology and efficient automation, the Cambiago industrial unit is the pulsating center that instills value in our products and in the entire production system - a value that grows because of continued investments in leading technological innovation and professional expertise. 

Always international and innovative

One of Moellhausen’s distinctive traits is its international and cosmopolitan scope. Eithel Moellhausen, the company’s founder, established this perspective at the company’s inception. This perspective lies at the foundation of our values; it has taken root and thrived over time.
We have the ability to place chemical products (both natural and synthetic) on all industrial markets, without geographic limits, and reliably deliver our products around the world.
We are always ready to identify and seize new development opportunities for customers in all markets. At the same time, we provide added value in services and resources at the forefronts of scientific-technical, organizational, and economic-industrial fields.
Companies that are seeking excellence and are determined to capture market shares rapidly can rely on Moellhausen for comprehensive support. We are a caring, innovative partner, with all the abilities to catalyze the most ambitious projects.
This is our way of being truly global: in all senses.









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