Tradition and innovation

The deeper essence of humanity is fueled through the constant dialogue between tradition and innovation.
Treasuring these principles has pushed Moellhausen to create BakhoorWood, a line of specific ingredients for the formulation of bakhoor.
Designed to give their best at high temperatures, the ingredients that make up the line BakhoorWood combine the highest scientific research in the field of perfumes with attention to the pleasures and the traits of an age-old tradition.
All this to make every place an unforgettable one and every occasion a memorable one.
The seven samples contained in the package BakhoorWood are the solid expression of the experience and skill that has always made Moellhausen stand out in the global perfumery sphere.
Passion, intelligence and essentiality come together in the line BakhoorWood.
New and innovative ingredients that are rooted in everyday life, in its various aspects and in its values.
In the sign of continuity between past, present and future, BakhoorWood specialties highlight a fruitful relationship between experience and ideas.









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