Moellhausen certified quality 

All Moellhausen clients and collaborators know that, to us, quality is not just a guaranteed promise, but it has always represented a substantial and permanent commitment to improve all our clients and stakeholders satisfaction (in-house collaborators, suppliers, local communities, authorities, shareholders, …).

Our commitment to quality identifies us and plays a core role in our business strategy. Moellhausen, that for years has been working with an effective quality system - properly and accurately documented - decided to have it certified by a third party and, today, we can proudly announce a further important achievement for the Company growth.

On February 11th, 2019, the quality system of Moellhausen S.p.A. – implemented through the Head Office (Via Torri Bianche 9, Vimercate – MB) and the Production Unit (Viale Delle Industrie 95, Cambiago – MI) – has been assessed and certified as compliant with the requirements of ISO 9001 / UNI EN ISO 9001:2015 standard, within its activities of: "Research, development and production of raw materials for the fragrance, cosmetics, detergent, food, feed and pharmaceutical industries; Own brand trading of raw materials for the fragrance, cosmetics, detergent, food, feed and pharmaceutical industries" (sector EA: 12; 03; 29). 

“Quality – aimed as well to support the ‘teamwork’ among all the components of the Company and its stakeholders – is one of the key pillars of Moellhausen entrepreneurial engagement. Its main ingredients are the measure and the challenge, the capacity to compare and debate to continuously achieve new goals.” (Anthony Moellhausen - President & CEO)

Equipment and technologies for each type of analysis

Directly serving Quality Control and Research & Development, the Moellhausen central chemical laboratory is equipped with the tools and technologies needed for managing highly advanced analytical techniques, including gas chromatography, liquid chromatography, mass spectrometry, and spectrophotometry, among others.
The analytical systems in Moellhausen can sustain a very high daily load and are useful for the characterization of essential oils and other vegetable derivatives as regards their authenticity, the identification of adulteration, the determination of geographical provenance, and rigorous quality control.
Moellhausen avails itself of its own analytical equipment and, through ongoing research agreements with selected institutes, can make use, when necessary, of the most advanced instrumentation and analytical technologies, including GC-MS/MS, and LC-MS/MS. 


We capture and identify each volatile component

GC/MS system equipped with PAL type autosampler (thermostated trayholder and robotic vial processing; static headspace; SPME extraction, liquid injection).



We know complementary liquid components

HPLC system (High Performance Liquid Chromatography) equipped with UV-DAD detector and preparative type autosampler.




Thousands of products under a single “nose”

"Electronic nose-type” analytical system able to highlight olfactory analogies through multivariate analysis of flash CG/FID plots.



We recognize the work of nature

GC/FID system with apolar and chiral columns for determining authenticity and identifying adulterations of essential oils and other plant derivatives.
SNIF-NMR and GC-IRMS analyses are carried out - when necessary - by delegated institutes.












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