Moelhausen is an established manufacturer and global distributor of industrial raw materials and chemical specialties.
We are a rapidly evolving company, focused on value creation through state-of-the-art scientific, technical, and organizational resources.
A provider of value-added services and materials to selective market segments, we are the ideal partner for all companies seeking excellence and maximum competitiveness from their products as well as for raw material manufacturers and for the associated financial world.
Building on proven chemical know-how, we promote the constant improvement of quality, genuineness and physico-chemical standards of raw materials and finished products, along with the higher efficiency of industrial operation.
Our corporate mission is centered on the concepts of innovation, simplification and coordination.

Raw materials from all over the world

Our raw materials come from all over the world based on their geographic specificity, but also with a view to ensuring maximum economy and supply continuity. Diversifying the origin allow... continue

An answer to every need

We develop innovative ingredients or alternatives to conventional ones in our laboratories according to specific needs (i.e.: production cost reduction, independence from hard to find raw... continue

Flexibility, international, in several industrial sectors

We work across the board in several industrial sectors and without geographic restrictions. Integrating our capabilities within the various production chains, we offer basic ingredients and unique specialties to help create and ensure the success of fine perfumery, cosmetics and personal care products, flavours, food and beverages, nutritional supplements, herbal specialties, pharmaceuticals, ... continue