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Innovation: the ability to open up new paths, and over time, to forge lasting bonds with customers and employees. Our values, strengthened by a clear international scope, have inspired the history of Moellhausen since its establishment in 1967.
Our story has many moments, all marked by a vision and a pioneering spirit, which continue to represent the solid foundation on which we are building the future.




Connection, cooperation and

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Sustainability, nature, and

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Key technological

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Analytical quality control for
guaranteed promises

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Over 2,700 raw materials always in stock at our warehouses.










Record increase in the number of R&D projects carried out during Q1/17 (vs. Q1/16).










Over 35,000 specialties in their "active life cycle".










Total traceability of raw materials and products: a certifiable path for the success and safety of all.











Customers, suppliers and service providers in more than 70 countries.













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