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We are an Italian company company that produces and distributes raw materials and chemical specialities for industries worldwide. We specialize in creating fragrances and supplying raw materials for fragrances and aromas. Our company has strong chemical know-how that promotes the constant raising of operating standards, quality and “geniusness” of raw materials and finished products. A modern and rational company organization—also characterized by a unique artistic-creative ability—capable of formulating innovative and high-profile fragrances consistent with the customer’s marketing idea and enhancing the finished product concept. We operate in many industrial sectors and markets and participate in the creation of a wide range of successful products. These include fine perfumery; cosmetics and toiletries, flavourings; food and beverages, food supplements, herbal specialities, pharmaceuticals, detergents, candles, glues; plastics and much more.


The heart of Moellhausen is found in the metropolitan area of Milan. The Headquarters are in Vimercate and, a few kilometers away, in Cambiago, is the “driving” industrial unit of the company.
In Cambiago, the services and key resources on which the external production processes of Moellhausen’s “networked manufacturing system” depend, the system that characterizes our way of working and in which more than 200 production units participate supply the company from over 40 countries around the world.
An example of cutting-edge technology and efficient automation, the Cambiago industrial unit is the pulsating center of creating value for the product and the entire production system— a value that is fed through a constant evolution of know-how and all industrial assets. A system in continuous growth that foresees, in the next few years, the realization of vast and decisive structural expansions both in Italy and abroad.

Procurement of Raw Materials

Purchasing raw materials is not a simple business transaction for Moellhausen; purchasing is one component of a detailed, complex strategy, and thus, it requires professional skills. Our strategy considers all aspects of purchasing: from monitoring the financial market of exchange rates to analyzing macroeconomic and political situations; from taking advantage of the seasonality and abundance of crops in every part of the world to navigating the dynamic definition of the minimum stock, which is calculated on an analytical basis. Based on this strategy, combined with our decades-long international experience in all these arenas, Moellhausen can reliably arrange and ensure availability of the widest range of raw materials at the most stable and competitive price in the market.

Production, Logistics, Quality

Our site in Cambiago is the heart of value creation for our products and entire production system, value that grows because of advanced technology and continuously forward-evolving expertise.
A stock of over 1,600 raw materials from every corner of the globe is ready to be shipped worldwide in this production unit, and over 14,000 samples of coded references are available. Quick, accurate automatic compounders support the preparation of complex specialties. Our modern method of production and supply development is powered by an integrated system of logistic warehouses and a large network of external resource providers, both primary and tertiary businesses working closely with our Company. Quality control is essential to the efficiency of this distributed production networking: It is the element that supports and unites Moellhausen’s excellence with that of all entities and subjects with which the company interacts.

Sales & Marketing

Our Sales force works around the world in close cooperation with our Marketing and Quality Control teams to define, develop, and facilitate access to Moellhausen products on the global market. The role of Marketing Intelligence is to consolidate information with in-depth analyses of the market and its dynamics, to interpret consumer trends with creativity, and to introduce, always proactively with our customers, special products in new markets.
Working closely with our Sales and Marketing teams, our customers can count on full cooperation in the development and identification of real, achievable goals and in rapid exploration of new opportunities.

Finance, Administration and Control

This operational function makes use of cross-sector skills for strategic planning and to support the creation of business plans. In particular, it combines cash management with predictive capabilities, risk management with legal and tax compliance, and knowledge of a particular company business with the logic of credit access.
All of this deep skill and understanding means the ability to manage changes flexibly, whether they are connected to interest and exchange rates or to bank market strategies and thus to creditworthiness evaluation parameters.
In the national and international contexts in which Moellhausen works, adaptability is key, along with the ability to predict future scenarios and the ability to reduce the cost of debt capital and the associated risks.

Research & Development

With the primary objective of providing the market with safe and innovative products, Moellhausen is committed to research and employs the latest analytical instruments for chemico-physical characterizations and for testing applications of new products, innovative flavor and fragrance ingredients, and fragrance compounds. In addition to our own equipment, Moellhausen has access – when needed – to the most advanced analytical technologies and equipment in the scientific world, through research agreements with selected institutions. Organoleptic tests with specific objectives are assigned to groups of expert perfumers that are directly involved in fragrance development on a daily basis. Our Research & Development laboratories also have the task of identifying critical issues specific to each product or process and taking an active role in the optimization process. This process is part of a broader quality management system, which aims to offer each customer the best possible product at the most advantageous cost.