Pervasive technology at our control

Whatever we do, technology is part of our lives: this pervasiveness enables clear benefits and new possibilities. For Moellhausen, technology is the key factor in a program devoted to improving business functions and products, where mankind is always at the center.
Technologically advanced, we provide room for ideas, cultivate intelligence and creativity, and promote the natural processes that drive interactions between man and machine.

Compounding Automation: The value of the best technology

Moellhausen's proprietary platform for automated compounding ensures the highest accuracy in producing formulas, total traceability of the operations performed, and no generation of production waste. Through timely ingredient verification and weight approval with barcodes (every step is validated thrught barcode scanning), we ensure traceability and formula protection; furthermore, our system guarantees absolute confidentiality.
At the Cambiago site, all mixing operations are scheduled and supervised with software developed in-house that is connected to the general ERP. All operations are intelligently distributed between automatic mixing lines and interventions that must be necessarily performed by an operator.

The guarantee of automation and the wisdom of human intervention

The compounding process is organized into three fully automated lines with different dosing intervals. These lines are supplied with 30 powders and 700 liquids, which are maintained under nitrogen blanketing to prevent oxidation and preserve all ingredient characteristics.
Moellhausen’s compounding system is built on technological solutions developed in-house, which include operating algorithms and dynamic settings. This complex, unique platform is a primary company asset. Of the thousands of ingredients that are utilized in the production plant (over 2,700 ingredients are in permanent stock), some are handled directly by a production operator. Every step of maual activities has to be validated and tracked through barcodes reading, and the operators are never allowed access to the formulas to ensure maximum confidentiality. Human interventions for dosing some ingredients is unavoidable for many reasons, including the low frequency of using in compounds, the high cost per kg, the perishability and special storage requirements, and the operating cost (cost per ingredient) of automation technologies.
For each compounding operation, we ensure that the entire dosing procedure meets modern criteria, and that it is assisted, guided, and controlled by dedicated software through the use of barcodes.










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