Identity and status

With a comprehensive, open "olfactory culture", we can achieve a clear understanding and description of the personality and status of any individual; thus, we create unique fragrances for unique moments. 
Our fragrances bring out a person’s individuality and emphasize a specific character and occasion. 
Although uncompromising in our continuity with tradition, we are bold innovators in producing excellent fragrances compatible with both alcohol and alcohol-free perfumes.



Measuring quality to bring value to creativity

Each product development project is associated with a consistent quality control program which, in the case of fragrances, also includes the verification of its “expressive capacity” within the original end-product concept.Our olfactory characterization covers every predetermined goal: persistency (long-lasting), "radiance" and "bloom", and consistency with the project’s technical requirements.
Indeed, our statistical organoleptic analysis allows creativity to be "objectified"; that is, we parameterize the degree of originality of a given fragrance by testing its "organoleptic difference or affinity", when compared to a set of reference fragrances.
The process of verifying our fragrances’ originality is completed with an instrumental test (multivariate statistical analysis of GC/FID flash plots), which can identify classes of products that show olfactory affinity with references in our huge company databanks. We conduct rapid "olfactory scans" of over 14,000 references.



High-Level skills to reach every goal: the Master Perfumer, the Fragrance Designer, and the Executive Perfumer

Moellhausen has an in-house team of perfumers with diverse characteristics and specializations, and also collaborates with renowned independent professionals.
All Moellhausen perfumers have high-level knowledge of the raw materials, accords, structure and history of perfume and, above all, are pushed by the desire to create unique fragrances.
Based on this drive, our perfumers become involved with various development projects in different roles. According to their best abilities, their own culture, and their creative personality, they may take the role of Executive perfumer or Fragrance designer, but they always function as a Master Perfumer.
The continuous growth and creative prowess of our perfumers is regularly enriched through contact with different Master Perfumers from all over the world, who are directly involved in Moellhausen teamwork and tasked with leading workshops for renewed professional excellence of our team.
In a dynamic environment, where experience sets new standards, all the perfumers in our team have the task and the privilege of encouraging and training new talents; thus, they fulfill the most intimate role of the Master Perfumer.









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